The Value of Individuals

“We believe that ordinary individuals have the power to shape our cultural evolution and influence our human condition in ways both positive and negative; our goal is to help all of us make broader, better informed, more deeply felt, more conscious decisions that will help us advance towards a more positive future.

“It is sometimes tempting to feel that we are being swept up in forces beyond our control. And while we are all in many ways products of our environment, we should never underestimate our abilities as individuals to contribute to the health and happiness of others.”

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Calling for a US Sustainability Initiative

“Instead, I want to ask the question: is there a great common cause that can help bring us together today? And I ask this knowing in advance that no possible initiative will begin its life with universal acceptance, but that instead any such proposal will start out encountering a great deal of opposition.

“When I look at possible candidates for some sort of great national enterprise that might bring us together in this way, I can think of only one that is likely to succeed: a National Sustainability Initiative.”

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